Momentum in the Moment

Do you have your entire life planned out how you want it to be?  Yeah, me too. Most of the time, I thrive off of the future that I have created for myself.  Recently, God spoke to me and I felt to share it with you. He asked me, “Why do you have more faith in your plan rather than in Mine.”  It just almost threw me for a whirlwind. So many times, we function off of what we control rather than just believing that it is in God’s hands.  He already had our entire life planned out before we were born, so why do we worry? Think about that, every turn, every decision (good or bad), every smile, every encounter, every mess-up, God already knows. 

Many times, I find myself so focused on controlling the future that I miss out on the beautiful, little moments each day brings.  I have to consciously remind myself that I need to live in the now and get out of the “possible future” in my head. I am a type three enneagram, so those of you that are type threes know we love to plan.  Planning is what I am good at, but it can also become something that I will let control me if I am not careful. I can easily over-plan and become the person who ruins the fun. I am NOT spontaneous in the least, but sometimes I hear God say, “Just step.”  I have to understand that at times God is not going to allow us to have all the parts of the puzzle. He is not going to let us plan everything out all the time. If we knew what was going to happen and when it was going to happen, then there would be no need for faith.  God allows us to rely on faith for the things we cannot see. Do not cloud your vision of God’s plan with your plan.

I want to have a new mindset, and I encourage you all to partake with me.  Let us take the leap without asking, let us have the faith without planning, and let us live in the moment.  Meet the new person, branch out, find a new hobby, and GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Because, at the end of the day, you do not have the power to physically mess up the plan God has for you.  God is the only person that can alter that plan. Of course, be wise in your decisions. Follow God in everything, but don’t be so focused on fulfillment, success, and future that you miss out on your time here now.  Each of us are called to change the world, but you cannot change the world now when you are living in the future.

-Emilee Whitaker

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