Jump-Start Your Week

Fun fact: Monday is my favorite day of the week. I know that I am getting some wide eyes and side eyes, but just give me a second to explain myself. 

I love that every single week we are presented with a new opportunity to live the life that we have imagined. The last week may have been awful, full of heartache, and you may have wanted to quit... but coming on the horizon is another Monday, and it is begging you to give it a chance. Mondays show you that life is great and that God is faithful. Mondays are full of potential, and they have the ability to determine the trajectory of the next six days. Mondays are GOOD if you allow them to be.

You may be overwhelmed by life, or you may hate your job... Either way, I challenge you to keep your faith and expectation UP today! Walk into your office this morning with a smile. Your hope is ALIVE in Jesus. 

Here is what I know: Jesus is into every single detail of our lives. He is faithful. He is good. You may be in the biggest fight of your life, but that does not have to weigh you down. Your circumstances and feelings do not dictate who you are, and they do not dictate who God is.

The choice is yours: problem or potential? Every Monday has the potential for a miracle.

Happy Monday!

I won’t let the storm weather my heart.
I won’t let the darkness beat me down.
Sing in the night, my hope alive in You.

I’ll walk through the fire and not get burned.
Pray in the fight and watch it turn.
Jesus, tonight I give it all to You.
— When the Fight Calls - Hillsong Y&F