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Faith It

Mary needed to hear Jesus to believe. The disciples needed to see his hands and his side to believe. Thomas needed to feel the scars to believe. God is a personal God, and He reveals Himself to us in a way that is unique to each of us.

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The Voice

God has not forgotten about you. He's not leading you into the wilderness to leave you there. Whose voice is the biggest in your life? To whom will you choose to listen? Can you do it alone? Can you do it afraid? Your answers - Your dreams - Your desires ... they're in your obedience. Just say yes!

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The Waiting Game

I just want to encourage you that God sees. He sees the desires of your heart, and He sees the tears that you have cried. Keep worshipping God as He makes the necessary arrangements to fulfill your promise. He WILL be faithful to fulfill every promise He has made to you.

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