Listen… if one more person tells me that life is a journey and not a destination, I might “accidentally” trip them.

Here’s the problem: they’re right. I seem to be constantly asking, “ARE WE THERE YET?”

We live in a destination culture. Our one desire is to GET THERE. We’re constantly anticipating Friday… or the end of the road trip… or the next holiday. We don’t know it, but we’re wishing our life away and not enjoying the time that we’ve been given.

I know that a lot of us aren’t where we want to be. We haven’t “arrived.” (PS: I don’t know anyone who has) Here is my advice: Don’t despise where you are, but use where you are to get where you’re going. There’s a gift inside of every day, and everyday you have a choice: wallow or wake. You can wallow in your feelings or wake to the beauty of the journey. You can wallow in your problems or wake to promise and purpose.

The choice is yours. Life is a journey. Accept it and enjoy it.

Amaris KateComment