Christmas Gift Guide (Twenty-Something)

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The Day Designer

This planner is for anyone interested in intentional living. The planner provides space to dream up goals, and it helps to facilitate accomplishing those goals.

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Glossier - You

There is not a fragrance that I have ever been more obsessed with. It’s light, sophisticated, and feminine. The only missing ingredient is YOU.

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Drunk Elephant Night Serum

This is a great skincare brand. You will notice an immediate difference in the health of your skin! As a bonus, they also have a Day Serum!

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… because who doesn’t want these? Everywhere I look I see people using these, and everyone seems to love them! The features are cool, modern, and technologically advanced.

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Apple Watch

I might be an Apple junkie… I’m working on it. The new features that come along with the Apple Watch are astounding. The health features and its integration with the iPhone will get you started off on the right foot in January!

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