From Here to There


I LOVE December. Everyone is (finally) in the Christmas spirit. There’s hustle, bustle, happiness, and holiday drinks. What’s not to love? While most people see December as the last chapter of the book, I look at it as the beginning of the next book in the series.

I recently took a trip to Atlanta, and on my way home, I heard the stewardess say, “The first step to connection is departure.”
Will that preach or what? It can be so easy to think that 2018 is over and be disappointed by what dream hasn’t come to pass. Think again. I don’t know what you are still praying about or believing for, but be reminded that miracles are not dictated by the page turning on a calendar. 2018 is still your year. Don’t wait for 2019. Acknowledge your dreams, set goals for your dreams, chase your dreams, and FLY.

Amaris Kate1 Comment