Can't Stop Listening

Normally I am able to provide a long list of suggestions of music/podcasts. However, for the last week I have been preoccupied with two things: Steven Furtick and Fifth Harmony.

Let's start with my friend, Steven. His ENTIRE Functional Faith series has been ON. POINT. Each message is filled with so much truth, revelation, and inspiration to grow. I recommend that you listen to it all, but specifically - "The Seed is on Schedule." I have listened to this message four times in the last six days, and my mind is still blown. Just do yourself a favor and watch it.

Secondly - I have never been a fan of Fifth Harmony, but last week I decided to give their new album a chance. Nearly every song is perfection! I've added my favorites to the Music Monday playlist on my Spotify

I hope that you have the happiest Monday ever!