It's Not That Complicated

Originally Posted: August 14, 2012

I realized something recently. I don’t do complicated. I understand that there are some things that I have to work for, and I am SO willing to work for those things. What I’m NOT willing to work for are the things that are supposed to come freely!

I think that sometimes Jesus gets lost in the politics and rules of religion. I also think that this is the reason that so many people are reluctant to experience all that Jesus has to offer.

Why are people so set on teaching what NOT to do rather than teaching people how to simply love Jesus? When you love Jesus, you choose not to sin. One of my favorite quotes says, “We sin when our hearts are unsatisfied with God”. Loving Jesus creates a new lifestyle.

If rules and religion work for you, fine. However, don’t impose YOUR rules or YOUR religion on everyone else. Show them Jesus! That is all people want to see. If people look at us and don’t want what we have, we are NOT living life accurately!

Jesus didn’t come to complicate things. Loving Jesus shouldn’t be complicated. Jesus is LOVE. Loving Jesus moves us to holiness. Holiness is a lifestyle. This lifestyle should be admired and respected by all who encounter us. It’s simple.



Amaris Kate