It's in the Cards

Originally Posted: October 30, 2012

"Why are you going to choose failure, when success is an option?" Jillian Michaels  Do I even need to finish writing? LOL! That quote is enough for me!

Have you ever seen this analogy? "Life is like a card game. How well you do in the end will depend on what you do with the cards you’ve been dealt." At first glance, this analogy seems legitimate. I can see the comparisons. Life really is like a card game. We’ve all been dealt cards. Sometimes these cards are good, and sometimes these cards are bad. BUT how well you do in the end can either depend on what YOU do with the cards or what you allow GOD to do with your cards.

I equate cards to circumstances. I know that sometimes I hold onto my cards. I try to strategically figure out ways to win, and almost always the outcome is TRAGIC. Funny thing is, if I would just put my hope and faith in Jesus, I wouldn’t have to figure it out, AND I would always win. I believe that we choose failure when we try to do things in and of ourselves. Success is ALWAYS an option, but the only way to a favorable outcome is through Jesus Christ.

We know the end of the story! Jesus wins! Jesus overcomes. And simply put, if our faith and hope is in Jesus, we also win!

Amaris Kate