You can have Heaven on Earth; you just have to recognize the moments.

You can have Heaven on Earth; you just have to recognize the moments.

*Tonight I came across a blog post that I wrote last July but never posted. I found it very relevant to my life currently, and I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy*

Today I was driving back to Baton Rouge from Lake Charles and encountered what you see above. I was taken aback, because I have never seen anything like this. All around me was darkness, but when I looked ahead, I saw a beam of light. It looked almost like fire in the sky. When I finally arrived to what I had been looking at from a distance, I was amazed. I looked to my left and to my right, and both areas were rayless, but somehow, the lane I was driving in was illuminated.  

After a few minutes, the torrential downpour began. It was easily the worst thing I’ve ever driven through. I couldn’t see a single thing, and I began to pray. Eventually the rain subsided, but when I really looked to see what was happening, I noticed something beautiful. It was raining on the far left and the far right of me. I  thought to myself, “Wow. This must be what Heaven is going to be like. Not a single worry.”  I immediately heard God say, “This can be your life now. You can have Heaven on Earth; You just have to recognize the moments”.

Eventually, once I got to Lafayette, there was no longer a trace of any clouds or rain. I kept looking in my rearview mirror to see if it was still cloudy and sunless. Sure enough, it still was. I think I do this in reality. I constantly look back to the shadowed past instead of embracing the beauty and radiant life I’m experiencing in the present. By keeping my eyes focused on what was, I miss out on what is and what’s to come! It was only when I became aware of the beaming sun that I realized that it was no longer raining. Is that crazy or what?  Because I was so focused on how dark it was in the rearview mirror, I was still allowing the rain to dictate my present (I still had the windshield wipers going.)

You may be in that storm, and you may have to slow down, but don’t ever stop. Don’t quit. The sunshine is so alluring and magnificent. Most of all, the sunshine is worth it!



Amaris Kate