All In

Originally Posted: September 18, 2015

Recently, I thought about my time in college. I had a blast. I was blessed to be at the best university in the nation (GEAUX TIGERS), and I was blessed to be surrounded by incredible people. Towards the end of my time at LSU, I had a breakdown. I was starting to see some of my friends slowly drift away from their faith and spirituality, and I started to think that maybe I was missing something. I was envious of all of the people who were disobedient to God. From my perspective, they seemed fulfilled with their new lives. I questioned how I was so unhappy even when I was doing everything, "Correctly." 

One day God spoke to me. He said, "Amaris. You cannot be halfway in and fulfilled by Me. You have to be all in." In that moment, I understood. I understood that I had to surrender everything and every part of my life to God. No longer could I have one foot in the things of the world and the other foot in Christ, expecting to enjoy the promises of God. There is no fulfillment in being lukewarm. 

There is SO MUCH to enjoy in God. We will never be able to exhaust the limits of our God; there aren't any. I've decided to go all in. I hope you will, too!



Amaris Kate