24 Things About Me


  1. JESUS! So incredibly in love with Him.
  2. If you make me laugh, I will love you forever.
  3. I love to lose myself in a novel.
  4. I love music.
  5. Bath bombs make me happy.
  6. I love to write.
  7. I love lighthouses.
  8. Monday is my favorite day of the week.
  9. I hate the smell of cereal.
  10. LSU Football is LIFE.
  11. I watch an episode of Gilmore Girls every night.
  12. I wish I knew how to play the piano.
  13. I love to run.
  14. Peonies are my favorite flowers.
  15. I love to travel.
  16. WHITNEY HOUSTON!!! The obsession is REAL.
  17. I love to learn.
  18. I love alone time.
  19. Sunsets and Sunrises.
  20. Blush is my favorite color.
  21. I'm overly optimistic, but also extremely morbid. Figure that one out.
  22. Spring is my favorite season.
  23. Bad grammar is like a dagger to my heart.
  24. Paris is my absolute favorite place on Earth!