About Amaris Kate

Amaris Kate was created as a way to inspire other women + girls to achieve their dreams! (That includes the scary dreams, the big dreams, and all of the dreams that we don’t feel qualified to dream.)

We Value Authenticity: In the social media age, it can be easy to think that everyone has it all together and is living the perfect life. Here, we get real and search for the truth that enables us to live a pure, true, and original life!

We are Inclusive: Everyone is welcomed here. It is a safe place for us to learn, grow, and be inspired together.

We are Explorers: We live in a big world, and we want to make sure that we discover it: mind, body, and soul.

We are Champions of Others: There is room for everyone here. Too often society believes that you have to inhibit someone else’s gift to get ahead. Here, we know that we need and can learn from one another! If you’re interested in guest blogging for Sisterhood Co. or being featured on the Vlog, fill out the information on the contact page. We’d love to have you!